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(andrey_dzeh) ...

What an awesome concert!
It was totally sold and moreover there was a fighting on the back rows for the seats because there must have been duplicate tickets for some of them since more people came. Aleksey was watching this noise and hassle with a smile in the short breaks within his compositions but finally they calmed down and everybody was all attention... I heard Aleksey playing at small festivals, cafes and clubs and at the Mamacabo festival in Samara before and that music he performed was not new to me. I have been familiar with what he usually does. However… It’s a huge difference when you play among other musicians and bands or if you keep holding the whole program alone, completely on your own. This requires more concentration and more forces and Alexey’s music in particular emerges from his inner world making all audience feels swept away by magic of fairy tales. Such thing doesn’t usually take place at regular festivals. Aleksey is like a kind magician, who invites you to his wonderful kingdom, and makes people forget about everything. In a short moment the first movement was already done; we were looking forward to the second movement of the concert that would certainly finish as quickly as the first. Can it not stop, can it? Fairy tale, please, don’t disappear! We are ready to listen to Aleksey’s music as mush as only possible.

Aleksey played two encores since people were calling for him very persistently. For the third time he figured that if he comes out with his balalaika people will never let him go. So he showed up with no instrument and tried to explain with gestures: “That’s it; I can only dance if you wish” then bowed and left. He was gone but the fairy tale was still there and a very elegant DVD that I am watching right now.
One can hardly find another such musician like Aleksey in this country and not only here but in the whole world. I wish more people understood this.

PS1: I don’t know any other musician who doesn’t utter a word through the whole performance but overwhelms the audience so much.

PS2: When Aleksey started on Munchausen’s theme my friend besides leaned over to me and whispered: “Today is 32 of May…” and I replied back “Exactly, everything should be honest in the fairy-tales!”


TV Kultura 28 April 2011

Фрагменты концерта, записанного TV Культура 28.04.2011 в Светлановском зале Московского международного дома музыки (ММДМ)

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