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Alex Arkhipovski

All Alex Arkhipovski`s concerts are accompanied by constant delights:
"Alexsei Arhipovskiy is Paganini of the Russian balalaika!"
"How did Aleksey Arhipovskiy manage to hold the entire world music in this seemingly primitive instrument associated mostly with simple Russian traditional folk tunes?!"
"In Alex Arkhipovski`s hands balalaika sounds like a harp, as harpsichord, as banjo, like, ultimately, all world string instruments!"

Report from the festival commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the firm FENDER (

Aleksey Arhipovskiy performed so amasingly that the programme should have been closed after that.The world-class Virtuoso plays balalaika so perfectly that it`s beyond understanding...His 10- minute solo completely "closed" all shown up technical guitar tricks and his music was much more inventive ".

Magazin «Audio Video»:


"The balalaechnik Aleksey Arhipovskiy became a sensation immediately after the first appearance in front of the general public. He practically wrecked the Guitar (!) festival where he played a 10-minute solo number showing incr arch edible musical mastery. It was a real Theatre of inexpressible play and giddy performing numbers, MIME and gesture. Many hearers compared Arhipovskiy no less than with great Jimmy Hendrix! "

Magazin “America”:

“The sounds of three strings now brought on the audience the energy of the Niagara Falls, then soared like a quite crane over a lake surface, then seeped like honey from honeycombs in May.”

He was born on 15 May 1968 in the town of Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory, Russia. He has inherited his passion for music from his father who played on the garmoshka as a child and accordeon in the 1950-s. So music was often played in their home. At the age of 9 he started a musical school to study the balalaika. As a student he often took part and won awards in town and regional contests. After finishing school he gave the 1-st 2-part solo-concert. In 1982 he entered State Musical College named after the Gnessins, the department of folk instruments,balalaika - class, professor V.Zadzigin. In 1985 he became a laureate of the 3-d Russian Contest of Folk Instrument Performers. After graduating from college he worked as a soloist in Smolensk Russian Folk Orchestra directed by V.Dubrovskiy. It was then when he started experimenting with the expressiveness of the balalaika-solo. In 1998 he was invited to the State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble "Russia" directed by L. Zykina. He toured a lot round Russua and abroad with the ensemble. In 2002-2003 he started cooperating with SNC (Stas Namin Centre). As a soloist pf2 he took part in the Festivals of Russian Culture which took place in the USA,China,South Korea,Germany,France,Spain,Bulgaria. Besides he took part in different jazz festivals in Russia and abroad, in radio and TV programmers, government concerts and summits.

Music on YouTube:

1. The Road to Home:

2. Eastern:

3. Alex Arkhipovski & Tommy Emmanual:

4. Lullaby:

TV Kultura 28 April 2011

Фрагменты концерта, записанного TV Культура 28.04.2011 в Светлановском зале Московского международного дома музыки (ММДМ)

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